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Liability Release Statement
Be reading and filling up the registration form you are agreed to the terms and conditions within this page.

Waiver and Release of all Claims:
As additional consideration for the student’s instruction, the undersigned parent(s), or guardian(s) of the student(s) hereby releases and waives any and all claims against Ava Music & Art Centre Ltd. and NorthShoreSummerCamp.com, it’s directors and their employees, including but not limited to personal and bodily injures and loss of or damage to property of the student which may occur while participating in camp activities. The undersigned represents that the student is in good health and does not have any history of a medical or physical condition that would place the student at risk because of his/her participation in such as activities. The undersigned further acknowledges that Ava Music & Art Centre Ltd. and North Shore Summer Camp Staff intends to properly warm up the students before engaging them in any physical activity and will take every precaution to ensure a safe working environment, however: the student’s instruction involves physical exercise that could result in injury, so the undersigned should accept all risks arising from such as activities.

Medical Release:
In the event that my child, named above, is injured, ill or in need of medical attention, I authorize the Ava Music & Art Center staff or agents to seek medical attention and/or admit my child to hospital if I am unable to be contacted or am otherwise unable to respond. I hereby give camp personnel the authority to act on my behalf in case of emergency; including medical treatment (parent/guardian will be notified as soon as possible). I understand that I am financially responsible for all damages and injuries.

Parent/Guardian Consent:
Your child will be involved in a number of activities as part of this program. These activities may include but are not limited to, walking, running, and other sports. While all programs are supervised by trained staff who instruct participants in safety, your child may still get injured, or your child's property may be damaged, as a result of participating in the program. Knowing and understanding the program, activities and risks, you freely agree to allow the participation of your child in the program. I hereby give my permission for my child to participate in outdoor activities, when the camp program involves leaving the camp premises (e.g. Water Park, Food Courts, Field-trip, etc.).

Permission for Picture-Taking:
I hereby give my permission to Ava Music & Art Centre Ltd. to have pictures taken of my child, named above, for record keeping and publicity purposes. I am aware that pictures and video of my child may be taken during the camp hours and that they may be posted to the camp website or other publications to be used for promotional purposes.

Fees and Charges: I understand No refunds are provided after May 31, 2017. Cancellations must be made before May 31, 2017. Cancellations at any time will be charged a $27 plus tax administration fee. After May 31, 2017, refunds will be given only for medical reasons with a doctor's certificate. By Submitting this form I am agreeing to above rules and policies. I have read the waiver and release agreements in the entirety, as well as all of the camp information on the web site or in the printed information package. I understand them and agree to comply with their contents.